Compton Care - Atlas: Bereavement Support for Schools | Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council

by James Clarke
2 months ago

Compton Care – Atlas Programme

It is estimated that over 12,000 11-16 year old pupils in Wolverhampton were affected by a significant bereavement in 2017.

The Atlas programme, run by Compton Care, aims to equip all professionals working with children with the knowledge, skills and confidence to help children and young people to navigate their way through their journey of bereavement.

Our introductory study days and shorter ‘Twilight’ sessions are available free of charge to all those working in Wolverhampton Primary and Secondary schools. For non-school staff, a fee of £40 for a full study day or £20 for a Twilight workshop applies. These sessions are ideal for those interested in learning about how to support bereaved children, or children who may be anticipating a significant bereavement, exploring how they may be affected by bereavement at different ages and incorporating discussions and practical exercises.

Our specialised childhood bereavement study days and workshops, with topics including ‘Autism and Childhood Bereavement’, ‘Managing Anticipated Childhood Bereavement’ and ‘Communicating with Bereaved Children’, are ideal follow-on courses from our introductory sessions and are also available free of charge to school staff.

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