Mifriendly Cities Small grants are available to community focussed groups | Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council

by James Clarke
4 months ago

As a Mifriendly Cities partner, City of Wolverhampton Council is seeking organisations/groups that already do or plan to engage and connect with individuals from refugees and migrant communities with the capacity to effectively deliver SmL activities.  The activities must facilitate informal and community based English language practice through engaging people from different backgrounds who come together with a shared purpose such as cookery classes, healthy eating sessions, jewellery making classes etc

Spending time with people from different backgrounds focussed on something that isn’t necessarily language itself allows non-native English speakers to relax, to build relationships and to enjoy intercultural exchanges.  It can also help build self-esteem and well-being and often improved proficiency in English can be an indirect benefit.

Share my Language activities are based on the following principles

Fun and interesting – something that people want to go to;

Useful and purposeful – somewhere people can develop or learn new skills

Informal and social – something that people can participate in in a way which suits them

Accessible – delivered somewhere migrants are comfortable and that is easily accessible

Inclusive – involve people from diverse backgrounds and promote community cohesion


Priority areas

Application showing the following qualities will be prioritised for funding:

  • Activities that engage women and their families from marginalised backgrounds, migrants and refugees, elderly and frail, those are socially isolated, excluded or housebound.
  • Activities that takes place in neighbourhoods with high deprivation, poverty and multiple levels of disadvantage.
  • Activities that help local people gain confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness.
  • Activities that are co-designed and co-produced and inclusive.
  • Activities that are delivered in a sensitive way which considers individual needs including age, gender, ethnic origin, language, culture, faith, sexuality, gender identity, disability and any specific lifestyle preferences.
  • Activities that are sustainable.
  • Activities that present opportunities to share skills and experiences e.g. cooking, DIY, music, digital, arts and crafts or to discover new places such as town or neighbourhoods.
  • Activities that promote Mifriendly messages through the activity and their networks.


How much is available?

Groups can apply for a maximum of £400. 11 groups will be awarded funds.


Examples of what funding can be used for (this list is not exhaustive)

  • Room hire
  • Small equipment
  • Materials
  • Photocopying/printing


What we will not Fund

  • Activities that work with one faith/ethnic group
  • Existing salary costs
  • Individuals
  • Work that has already started (retrospective funding)
  • Running costs of the organisation
  • Political or religious activities
  • VAT that you can recover
  • Loans or interest payments
  • Contingency costs e.g. funds to provide a source of income or for fundraising activities
  • Projects that take place outside of Wolverhampton

Funding requirements

 Constituted group with a bank account

  • Submit proof of expenditure i.e. invoices, receipts etc.
  • Submit monitoring returns


Funding restrictions

Groups that have received funding from Mifriendly Cities are not eligible to apply.

Groups with annual turnover of more than £25K cannot apply.


Funding deadline

Application DeadlineTotal Amout availableProject completion date
Monday, 24th February 20205000 euros ( approx. £4440)Wed, 30th Sept 20


We aim to make decision on all grant applications within 21 days of receiving the necessary information. Grants will be made in to stage payments.

For further information or to request an application form and grant criteria please email mifriendlycities@wolverhampton.gov.uk.