Quaker Housing Trust – Deadline: 14th June 2019 | Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council

by James Clarke
2 weeks ago

The Quaker Housing Trust has announced that the next deadline for applications is the 14th June 2019.

The Quaker Housing Trust provides grants and interest free loans to housing projects that cater for people with a wide range of needs, including:

  • mental & physical health problems
  • learning difficulties
  • would otherwise be homeless
  • escaping domestic violence
  • single parents
  • young families
  • moving out of institutional care
  • addiction problems
  • refugees, asylum seekers, migrants
  • survivors of trafficking

To be eligible for funding, applicants need to have legal charitable status and be a small organisation (with an annual turnover of not more than £1 million and without access to sufficient income, reserves, nor other fundraising, to pay for the work).

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