One City Fund | Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council

#OneCityFund #StrongerTogether

We’re crowdfunding to support Wolverhampton’s food banks and emergency food suppliers during the current Covid crisis.

The One City Fund: Feeding Our City is aiming to raise £20,000 for local food banks and emergency food distribution organisations. Organisations, businesses and individuals can donate money, get behind the project and support their city. It builds on the first successful phase of the fund, which raised over £24,000.

Your pledges will go directly to local food banks and not for profit food suppliers supporting people in food poverty, including the Adventist Food Bank, Elias Mattu Foundation, Excel/Bilston People, Good Shepherd, The Real Junk Food project and The Well.

60% of any money raised will go towards the named beneficiaries and 40% will be available for grass roots emergency food suppliers in Wolverhampton. The initiative is a collaboration between the City of Wolverhampton Council and Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council (WVCS), and has been given an extra boost from the City of Wolverhampton Council’s ward councillors, who have pledged £10,000, from their ‘Ward Funds’.

What we’ll deliver:

  • £3 would provide the fuel to collect and deliver a box of surplus food to people living in poverty.
  • £6 pays for two individuals to enjoy a hot wholesome meal.
  • £10 pays for four takeout meals.
  • £30 would pay for a week’s food and toiletries for a single person.
  • £50 keeps two vans from the Good Shepherd on the road for a week.
  • £60 will pay for a week’s food and toiletries for a family of four.
  • £200 would pay for a pallet of food or toiletries for a food bank.
  • £250 pays for a full dining take out service equating to 130-170 meals a day.
  • £2500 would pay for a food bank’s warehouse costs for one month.

Why it’s a great idea:

The coronavirus has triggered an unprecedented rise in food banks use as the economy has been hit and household incomes have plunged. The Independent Food Aid Network (Ifan), has said its food banks recorded a 59% increase in demand for emergency food support between February and March – 17 times higher than the same period a year ago. In April alone, The Well Food Bank in Wolverhampton supported 26.9% more individuals than in the previous 12 months put together – the highest number ever! This crowdfunding campaign will provide an important boost for the network of food banks and emergency food suppliers across the city, helping them to continue operating and feeding people who literally have nowhere else to go.

Steps to get it done:

  • Raise funds for organisations across the city supporting vulnerable residents