Taking action on Hearing Loss | Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council

by James Clarke
2 months ago

Taking action on Hearing Loss: Action on Hearing Loss have received funding to work in Wolverhampton in 2019/20 and we are able to provide free information and signposting on deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus for people living and working in Wolverhampton.  We are also able to provide hearing checks which take only a few minutes to complete.

Why take action? Hearing loss affects 11 million people in the UK.  Hearing loss can reduce people’s quality of life, their ability to communicate with others and is associated with an increased risk of depression and dementia. Yet on average it can take someone 10 years to address their hearing loss.

We can provide information, talks and presentations to groups in Wolverhampton.  To find out more, please contact Emma Holmes or Sarah Treadwell-Baker at: emma.holmes@hearingloss.org.uk or sarah.treadwell-baker@hearingloss.org.uk Tel: 0121 389 9100