A massive ‘Thank You’ to all of our mask and PPE donors! - Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council

by James Clarke
2 years ago

As we move towards the end of 2021, we take a look back at the phenomenal amount of masks and PPE that have been donated to WVSC for distribution within Wolverhampton’s Voluntary and Community Sector.

What was donated and when?

August 2020 – Anonymous Donor – 5,000 masks
An anonymous donor gifted several thousand single use face visors to Dudley Volunteer Centre for use by not for profit organisations. Dudley Volunteer Centre shared the donation with WVSC.

October 2020 – Environmental Agency: Voluntary Sector Emergencies Partnership – 5,000 masks
The masks came through the Voluntary Sector Emergencies Partnership of which WVSC is a member.  The partnership consists of major national charities including the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Muslim Aid, NAVCA and is also supported by the Cabinet Office, other government departments and in extremis the police and army. The masks were received from the environmental agency following a request from WVSC.

May 2021 – Wolves Foundation and Fosun Foundation – 1,500 masks
Fosun Foundation are the owners of Wolves FC; they donated the masks as part of the Fosun Covid-19 Global Relief Initiative.

October 2021 – Sikh Aid International – 1,2000 masks plus aprons
Sikh Aid International (charity number 1086307) is a charity providing humanitarian assistance to countries including Africa and India. They have provided two batches of masks for distribution.

In total, a staggering 23,500 masks were donated to WVSC, most of which have been distributed within Wolverhampton’s Voluntary and Community Sector.

We still have some available; pick up is by appointment only, please contact WVSC on 01902 773761 for details.