Coronavirus Contingency Plans & Advice - Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council

by James Clarke
4 years ago

Please see our dedicated COVID-19 page for up to date information & advice

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These aim to maximise the work the organisation can continue to do at any stage, and to minimise the spread of COVID-19

  • Until government guidance changes it is business as usual but with additional precautions to help stop the spread of the virus.
  • If cases of COVID-19 spread in the local area we will reduce the chances of spreading the virus further by:
    Stopping bringing groups of people together (e.g. SP craft group), cancelling pre-arranged meetings and not arranging new meetings for at least three weeks
  • If we have a confirmed case of Coronavirus of an employee or volunteer
    We will do more to minimise the spread of the virus which might include not being in contact with physically vulnerable people, permitting home-working etc..
  • If Coronavirus is widespread within the organisation / local area we will close the building and provide remote (telephone, skype / zoom, email) support to customers and partners within our capacity to do so.


General Advice as of 5th march 2020

Dear Colleagues,

There is lots of information and advice on the coronavirus and the risks associated with its outbreak.

The most responsible thing that we can all do it to follow the best advice in order to minimise the impact of the virus on staff, customers and others.

This link: provided by NCVO takes you to a comprehensive range of advice and information related to the virus and related issues and is the best that we have come across at WVSC.  It includes further links to advice for those of us working in specific areas, such as social care settings

The advice is being updated regularly and we will forward the updated versions to you as they are developed.

Please do read this and follow the links that are appropriate to your group or organisation.

In the meantime please look after yourself.



Ian Darch

Chief Executive