Host a Navigator - Black Country 50 Plus Partnership (CRF) - Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council

by James Clarke
2 years ago

Opportunity to host a Navigator as part of the Black Country 50 Plus Partnership

Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council have been invited to lead on the Wolverhampton element of the Black Country 50 plus Partnership funded by the Community Renewal Fund.

The overall aim of the partnership is to deliver activities that support people over 50 toward employment. We are now calling for organisations, with experience of working with people over 50, who could employ a Navigator to actively engage participants, understand their individual needs and develop an action plan to map their journey towards employment (further information below).

There will be 4 full-time Navigators within Wolverhampton (we may be able to offer half-time roles). We are looking for organisations who are embedded deep within the community across the City.

This is a short-term (6-month maximum) pilot as a precursor to the Shared Prosperity Fund. The lead-in time is very short, so it is likely that this will suit organisations who are able to second or pivot existing staff to this role.

There are collective targets to achieve working with people who are currently: Economically Inactive, unemployed, people engaged in job searching following support, people engaged in life skills support following interventions, economically inactive individuals engaging with the benefits system following support, people who are employed and would like support changing their employment status.

In addition, there will be an Innovation Fund which will be commissioned via an expression of interest, and assessed by a local panel, available for organisations and groups to apply for small pots of funding up to £5,000. It will be expected that people have co-designed and co-produced innovative activities to support the overall aim of the Black Country 50 plus Partnership. Further information regarding this fund will be available from 4th January 2022.


Navigator role duties

  1. Deliver engagement activities in the local community to engage individuals who are aged 50 or over.
  2. Supporting individuals who are aged 50 or over to navigate through all the support available to them in a triage approach, providing information, advice and guidance on employment and training opportunities.
  3. Provide bespoke support based on the needs of the individual, the length and intensity of support will also be based on the individual’s requirements.
  4. Work holistically alongside the project partnership, referring individuals to appropriate provision internal and external to the partnership utilising the boroughs directory of provision.
  5. Carry out action plans, acting as a coach to individuals to achieve their goals, encouraging and empowering them to a successful journey.
  6. Support individuals who are unemployed, economically inactive or employed.
  7. Supporting economically inactive individuals to engage with the benefit system and to take part in job searching activities.
  8. Complete project paperwork with individuals which meets funding and audit requirements.
  9. Track individuals progress, including gaining auditable evidence such as training course completion.
  10. Attend project meetings to discuss project performance and the sharing of good practice.
  11. Keep in contact with individuals throughout their journey to offer additional support via telephone, online or face to face appointments.
  12. Navigators will work with individuals in a co-production approach to assist in the design of delivery and empower individuals to engage in decision making such as acting as an evaluator on the innovation funding panel.


Funding available

Navigator host – 6 months delivery with on cost up to £19,181.50 per full-time navigator. This will be paid pro-rata if employing a half-time post.

Plus 15% of salary toward overheads.

There will be further funding available via an Expression of Interest for publicity, participant and venue costs to be shared between all participating organisations.

Please note: all spend will be paid on a defrayal basis by the end of June 2022.

If your organisation has the required experience and is able to begin delivery on 4th January, please complete the form before the closing date of 10am, Monday, 13th December 2021.

If you would like to ask any questions relating to the opportunity, please email: Saffi Price