Transforming our community mental health services - Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council

by James Clarke
3 years ago

The Black Country will receive significant investment from NHS England / Improvement (NHSE/I) to transform community mental health services over the next three years.

This investment will:

  • Improve how health, care and voluntary organisations work together to support people.
  • Develop new services or support where it is needed.
  • Enhance current services.

There will be opportunities for our sector to influence the way that services are transformed and to play a role in delivery, with some resources earmarked for that purpose.

It would be helpful to hear from groups / organisations that have an interest in this agenda so that we can ensure that you are involved / kept up to date with some of the details and potential opportunities.

If your organisation works in the area of mental health and has an interest, please contact Sharon Nanan-Sen by emailing for more details.