Perinatal Mental Health service seeks partner orgs - Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council

by James Clarke
5 years ago

A specialist perinatal mental health service has been set up in The Black Country to look after women who suffer mental health problems during pregnancy and in the immediate twelve months after.

This is a specialist service focussing on the needs of women with pre-existing serious mental health problems or those at risk of deteriorating significantly as a result of their pregnancy. However, this doesn’t address the needs of women who suffer from depression and anxiety and who are at risk of becoming seriously unwell if their symptoms are not treated or if they are not offered appropriate help.

We are looking into this at the moment and would welcome the involvement of any third sector organisations who work with women suffering from perinatal mental health problems, post-natal depression or associated illness.

Please contact Andrew Moody, Perinatal Mental Health Programme Manager on or 07725 315 876.