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Supporting Faith Groups

Faith groups are a vital, vibrant and essential part of Wolverhampton’s voluntary and community sector and WVSC is keen to build relationships with, provide support to the 260+ faith organisations in the city, raise the profile of the work they do and support them to play an increasingly joined-up role in the support they offer to local people.

This work builds on a close working relationship with InterFaith Wolverhampton and collaboration with strategic partnerships in the city. To achieve the above aims, we have successfully championed the need for a specific resource to link with faith groups in the city, and WVSC now employs a faith engagement worker (currently funded by Wolverhampton Safeguarding Boards Partnership) to:

  • identify and map faith groups in the city
  • establish contact details for each group
  • make contact with all faith groups
  • build relationships with as many as possible
  • raise awareness of safeguarding responsibilities and the support available to help meet them including: information, direct support and networking opportunities
  • connect faith groups to a range of other strategic developments and activity that faith groups might like to support, contribute to and / or benefit from
  • promote the city’s Faith Covenant

This work is endorsed by a range of partnership of organisations including: Wolverhampton City Council, West Midlands Police, Interfaith Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton Safeguarding Boards, Public Health, Wolverhampton Health & Wellbeing Together, and Safer Wolverhampton Partnership.

Support available to faith-based organisations

Faith groups can receive FREE of charge support, guidance and opportunities:

  • All / any of WVSC’s core support offer to voluntary and community organisations in the city including:
    • enhancing governance arrangements;
    • seeking and securing funding;
    • safeguarding;
    • developing policies and procedures;
    • finance management;
    • marketing and promotion;
    • starting up / registering new projects,
    • companies, CICs or charities;
    • outcomes and business planning;
    • commissioning and procurement;
    • collaborating with others to apply for, and deliver collaborative services;
    • regular fortnightly information updates; and the opportunity to represent the voluntary and community sector on strategic partnerships.
    • Training
  • For more information, please contact Sharan Nanan-Sen on

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Downloadable Resources
DBS Guidance

NCVO membership  gives access to a range of benefits including low cost admin fees for DBS checks, and is available free to organisations with an income of under £30,000 and then on a rising scale dependent on annual income.
NCVO have an arrangement with Disclosure Services which gives a 40% reduction on their admin fees for NCVO members.

The cost of a DBS check is made up of two parts:

  1. The admin fee – charged by the Umbrella Body that an organisation gets DBS check through.
  2. A fee set by the DBS for the various levels of DBS check
    • VOLUNTEERS – No fee from DBS for Standard, or Enhanced checks
    • PAID STAFF – Different charges for standard (£23), Enhanced (£40)
    • There is no additional charge for Barred List checks for either volunteers or paid staff
    • Basic DBS checks cost £23 for both volunteers and paid staff

This means that the current admin fees with Disclosure Services are only:

  • £7.20 for volunteers
  • £8.60 for pad staff

For information about membership of NCVO and the full range of benefits see:

For details of DBS checks through NCVO’s trusted partner Disclosure Services see:

Other DBS Umbrella bodies can be found at

For more information, please contact