Think Family Champions - Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council

The Think Family Champions initiative is funded by City of Wolverhampton Council as one component of the Pathways to Support project funded from the Department for Communities and Local Government’s ‘Transformation Challenge Award’.

The project aims to support voluntary and community organisations (primarily, but not exclusively adult-facing) to be more aware of the needs of the whole family: so for adult facing organisations; considering the needs of the child, for children’s facing organisations, this will focus on the needs of the adults as well.

The TFC initiative supports organisations to become more knowledgeable about, and confident in using the various tools and processes that form the Early Help processes in Wolverhampton in order to ensure early, co-ordinated support for the whole family.

Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council is the lead body for the TFC initiative, and is working collaboratively with six partner organisations (Base 25, Believe To Achieve, Recovery Near You, Re-Entry, The Haven Wolverhampton, and Sickle Cell Thalassaemia Project) all of which will host a full-time equivalent Think Family Champion.

Each Think Family Champion will be linked with a number of voluntary / community organisations, and also have links to one of the Council’s 8 Strengthening Families Hubs.

The initiative is currently funded for 12 months; delivering support from 1st November 2017 through to 31st October 2018.

For further information please contact Senior Think Family Champion, Mandy Smith at or on 01902 328 977 / 07449 472 085.