Together We Can - Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council

Welcome to Together We Can, Wolverhampton voluntary and community sector’s campaign to raise awareness of the value and impact of the sector, and the importance of partnership working to improve the economic and social welling of Wolverhampton.


Together We Can…

Have greater influence

By developing a partnership of voluntary and community organisations we benefit from strength in numbers. With greater voice and influence we are better able to take up opportunities, such as buying assets from the council or applying for larger pots of funding.

Get a better deal

By working together we can increase our purchasing power and secure better value supplies such as IT, stationary, HR, finance and legal services. This means we have more money available to spend where it matters – on providing services for Wolverhampton’s residents.

Improve the environment in which we work

There are lots of innovative and creative ways of doing business. How about developing a ‘timebank’ model to make better use of the skills and expertise that exist in the sector for instance? Thinking outside the box takes lots of people with a shared vision, and that’s exactly what the Together We Can partnership has.

Better meet local need

Partnership working means being clear about shared goals and how the work your organisation does adds value to another organisation’s activity. This process of understanding will help meet local need more effectively and efficiently.

Get involved!

Show your commitment to Together We Can by using the campaign logo in your publicity material and on your website. To get your Together We Can brand pack contact Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council on 01902 773761.

Want to know more?

Contact Saffi Price, at Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council

Together We Can is coordinated through the Third Sector Partnership and has been designed in the spirit of inclusion and shared values.

Organisations already signed up to Together We Can;

  • Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council
  • The Haven Wolverhampton