Voluntary Sector Focus: Wolves Play Café - Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council

by James Clarke
4 years ago


Tell us about your organisation, how you started and what you do?

We are Wolves Play Café, originally co-founded in 2018 by Helen and Lisa, Wolverhampton mum and daughter, and recently incorporated as a Community Interest Company. We started the organisation to support the provision of play and support for young children, primarily those under 5, and their caregivers in the city. Our mission is to help create a safe, fun and supportive city for children of Wolverhampton to grow up in.

We do this with Fun, Food and Friendly Faces, playing in spaces across the city, and more recently by developing play resources to support play at home.

What has been your greatest achievement?

Being the space where a conversation can happen between two parents and caregivers – that important moment of sharing. Being the space where a little one discovers something new and fun! The everyday experiences and conversations we are part of when we play are a massive privilege and pleasure.

What is your experience of support received from WVSC?

WVSC have been there from the start, their advice and Team are always welcoming, reliable and supportive with useful advice and questioning, either through informal chats, newsletters, emails or workshops. Their connections, experience and networks are vast. Most recently when moving to incorporation we wanted to ensure our legal structure would reflect our core aims and mission best, and the team were so helpful in enabling us to follow the best direction. We are so lucky to have WVSC in our city, really advocating for organisations supporting and working in so many different ways and areas.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learnt about working with people in Wolverhampton?

We are a friendly, powerful force for good! Wolverhampton is not always seen in the brightest light, but it’s the people who make the difference every time; diverse, friendly and passionate.

What are some of the challenges you face and how can WVSC help to support your organisation in the future?

Although there are challenges in delivering play due to Covid-19, it is also an exciting time for us as a relatively new and growing organisation, and we are reaching points where it would be great to build capacity to continue to deliver existing projects and develop them to create further impact. We would love to be able to build towards a permanent home for Wolves Play Café in the future – a playful, friendly space in the city and advice and support from WVSC would be important to help to enable this to happen.

Where can we find out more?

Website: wolvesplaycafe.org
Facebook / Twitter
Email: info@wolvesplaycafe.org

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